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10 Great Kitchen Wasted Space Ideas – That Work !

Penthouse -Notting Hill

Have you ever just stared at a “space” in our kitchen and thought
“what a waste of space”, then saw the endless clutter that exists in the rest of the kitchen?

When we start out with a new kitchen we always feel like we’ve “too much” space and empty cupboards.

Yet, within a year, after a few trips to Ikea, an abundance of gifts for birthdays, Christmas & of course the ever important – new lifestyle changes that have occurred along the way, we now have a very “full” kitchen.

“Stop with the endless kitchen gifts please”, you cry! Friends and family have heard you go from having nothing to put in the cupboards to having too much and not enough space.

Everyone likes their kitchen to feel abundant with gadgets, fancy dishes and nice equipment, so here are

10 Brilliant Ways to Use Wasted Space in the… Kitchen