History of Colour Therapy

The Mayans to the Native Americans were some of the ancient cultures that knew how different colours in nature affected them.  They used light and colour to bring balance and harmony into all areas of their lives, connecting them to nature and the universe.

When people moved away from living outdoors & natural daylight, they found that they started becoming ill, they began to realize that the colours of everything around them including the food they ate affected their wellbeing and good fortune.

The Atlanteans are said to have developed an advanced system of using colour and crystals in circular built temples with crystal domed ceilings and individual healing rooms.  Upon entering the room, a crystal door would close and the room would be energised to the frequency of the colour required to heal the specific illness or imbalance of the person being treated. (Frank Alpen, Exploring Atlantis.)

Hippocrates, the father of modern Western medicine, knew the importance of balance between  body, mind and spirit and used colour as an essential part of the healing process.  However, his followers started to concentrate on the physical aspects of healing using the scientific approach of modern medicine, which concentrates on healing the physical body rather than balancing the whole being.