How Can Colour Therapy Benefit Me ?

Colour is a subconscious language that we use instinctively in every area of our lives.

Throughout the world colour therapy is used as a non-invasive complementary treatment  that works in a subtle way either on its own or along side other treatments for serious illnesses such as Paralysis, M.S, M.E, Cancer, Depression and a wide range of diseases

  • Asthma & Skin Diseases
  • Arthritis & Rheumatism
  • Eating Disorders & Digestive Ailments
  • Blood & Circulation Problems
  • Fever, Shock & Relief of Pain

Colour has proved very beneficial to help speed up recovery after an operation.  Hospitals and medical professionals now recognise and understand the healing properties of different colours and are now using appropriate colours for the decoration of wards and uniforms with very positive results. Examples of this:

  • Surgeons wearing green – Healing
  • Doctors & Nurses wearing white – Calm
  • Nurses or Guards wearing blue – Trust
  • Childrens wards painted with yellow , orange or red – Happy, Creative & Energising