Colour Questions ?

Which colour is associated with your particular needs ?

All colours have positive and negative effects.  Too much of anything can cause unbalance.  The correct colour in a specific area is vital to success with colour therapy.  A few examples of colours and their meanings:-

  • Red – Energy stimulant, encourages confidence
  • Orange – Activity stimulant, encourages socialisation
  • Yellow – Mentality stimulant, encourages communication
  • Green – Alleviates depression & anxiety, encourages relaxation
  • Blue – Cooling, encourages calming effect
  • Violet/Purple – Uplifting stimulant, encourages creativity

What colour shall I decorate my rooms ?

Rooms should really be carefully considered when choosing which colour to paint.  For example you would not want a colour on the wall of a bedroom that is going to stimulate you and keep you awake !

How do I bring colour into my life to improve my wellbeing ?

Colour can be brought into your space through clothes that you wear, colours that are around your space using decor, diet, solarised water, affirmations, meditation, or chromotherapy.