Feng Shui

Lifepath Designs Consultation Services

Feng Shui

Visit & Advice Consultation

Initial visit will involve meeting  you at property.

  • A personal trigram will be issued for each individual living in the property.
  • Suggestions & tips on re-arranging certain items to increase energy flow.
  • Advising best positions to improve study, work & sleep.

Classical Feng Shui Consultation

A full Classical Feng Shui consultation is very specific to your home or space.  It looks at which direction your house is facing, combines direction, time, room location, room function and the individuals resonance with the building.   I will require a floor plan of your house, questionnaire answered, we will take compass readings & photographs.  Space clearing included.

Extra Services

  • Clutter Clearance
  • Floor Plan
  • Detailed typed report
  • Space Clearing
  • Feng Shui, Colour & Crystal Consultation – Visit & Advice Consultation