Crystal Questions ?

What crystal shall I place in my rooms ?

This depends on whether you require protection or attraction some examples are:-

  • Rose quartz in a bedroom for all levels of love and heart issues
  • Citrine in your office to help with abundance
  • Amethyst in the centre of your home for protection

Which collection of crystals would be a good beginner set ?

I would suggest these top 5 crystals to begin with,  they can be carried with you at all times, and  they all have many powerful properties.

  • Clear Quartz – Quartz is great to use for just about anything due to its high receptivity to programming. This would be your power crystal.
  •  Amethyst– Amethyst is a great master healer crystal. It enhances intuition and well being.  Amethyst can relieve headaches & is excellent for protection.
  • Rose Quartz– Rose Quartz is a beautiful crystal and is all about all levels of love. It is calming, a great emotional healer & for childrens bedrooms to enhance relationships with parents.
  • Citrine– Known as the “Merchant’s Stone”. It attracts abundance and prosperity. It is a very happy and uplifting crystal which brings in good energy. Great energy booster.
  • Black Tourmaline– This crystal is well worth having. It is very grounding and protective of any kind of negative energy, including EMF from computers and other electronics.