History of Crystals

All over the world since the dawn of history, crystals have always been referred to as belonging to the heavens. We now know that their story is indeed the creation of the universe.

Crystals & gems have been used for healing since ancient times by many different cultures.  Today, they are used as a part of vital components from computers to cars, lasers and space shuttles, they have come a long way since the Quartz watch !

Ancient Egypt has the earliest records of crystal healing, the Ebers papyrus dating back to 1550 BC is the most important ancient Egyptian medical papyri which details the medicinal uses of healing with gems.

Indias Ayurvedic records, Chinese medicine back 5000 years ago and many Shamnistic cultures and the Inuit people or Canada all practice crystal healing.

The Atlanteans,  are said to have developed an advanced system of using colour and crystals in circular built temples with crystal domed ceilings & individual healing rooms.  Upon entering the room, a crystal door would close and the room would be energised through beautiful patterns to the frequency of the colour required to heal the specific illness or imbalance of the person being treated. (Frank Alpen, Exploring Atlantis.)