How can Crystals Benefit Me ?

Crystals are objects of beauty, fascination and mystery, which never lose their beauty. Their colour and brilliance have set them apart from everything else on the earth.

Powerful effects. Once they are programmed to your requirements, crystals can enhance your wellbeing.  If not sure which crystal you need it is best to choose the crystal that you are drawn to most, this signifies that this crystal is the one you require.

A few examples of crystals & their healing properties :-

  • Red– Ruby – Energizing, anemia, paralysis, depression, strength & courage.
  • Orange– Cornelian – Digestive stimulant, arthritis, calm intense emotions, joy.
  • Yellow– Citrine – Nervous system, lymphatic system, increases thought, uplifting
  • Green– Jade – Balance & healing,  inner discipline, spiritual wealth & abundance.
  • Blue-Blue Topaz – Antiseptic, calming, accepting ideas, digestive tract, anerexia.
  • Indigo/Violet– Lapis Luzuli – Pain healer, aids chest up to head, voice projection

Cleansing crystals on a regular basis will protect them from energetic imbalances, but they also need protection from physical damage. Cleansing is done as follows:

  • Place under cold running water, sitting in a bed of sea salt,
  • Bury in clay (mark the spot !)
  • Leaving them out in a full moon and full sun.

Crystals can be brought into your life easily as they are highly decorative. They can be worn as jewellery,  carried with you as tumbled crystal stones, or a beautiful decorative piece around your home will transform your surroundings.