Feng Shui for Business – CPD Course – 2017

Feng Shui for Business

Can you relate to any of these statements ?

  • You’ve studied hard for your qualifications
  • Invested time and money into your business
  • Secured a work space and spent time, effort and money getting your neccessary equipment.
  • You work hard at customer satsifaction, customer service
  • Spend hours doing marketing
  • Lacking support within a certain area of your business
  • But is there something missing ? That one thing that can’t be found to fix or amend ? 

If you have answered yes to any or all of the above questions then Feng Shui could well be the answer you are looking for.

Today we can use Feng Shui in all areas of our lives, our homes, businesses, real estate or any area within our life that we would like to enhance or create the feeling of support and balance.

During this course I will go through the vital aspects of Feng Shui which can show you how to apply Feng Shui to your work space, making the client “feel good” within your business, before any transaction or deal takes place.

Most clients that visit or contact you for business are often in the market place for positive change in their lives.   By changing the way you make them feel before they get to meet you or your staff, will be the first impression that usually lasts, when re-visiting or recommending you.

We will be looking at:

  1. The history of Feng Shui
  2. Activating Feng Shui Compass Bagua to attract more clients
  3. Personal Directions
  4. External & Internal Environment
  5. EMF’s
  6. Reception Area
  7. Office Space
  8. Shop & workshop Areas
  9. Paperwork Management
  10. Colours
  11. Clutter
  12. Making your time within your workspace as productive and un-stressful as possible
  13. Q&A

Feng shui continues to be accepted and embraced by Americans & many celebrities, both commercially and residentially, with the New York area amongst the receptive regions. Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey and many many more successful businesses are benefiting from the success of Feng Shui.

It is possible for everyone to have Feng Shui in their lives,  no matter how hectic your lifestyle is.

** This course would work very well with the language of colour course also**


Cost: €90

Duration: 4 Hours

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