Feng Shui Questions ?

What Is Feng Shui ?

Feng Shui means ‘wind & water’.  In Chinese culture gentle wind and clear water have always been associated with good harvest and health.  Good Feng Shui states that living with nature benefits us & the environment, which provides us with health, wealth, love & good fortune.

How does Feng Shui Work ?

The theory is that the kind of energy we surround ourselves with creates more of the same energy.  Feng Shui can remedy issues by organising your space so that Chi (good energy) flows freely, enhancing your life and well being.

Can Feng Shui Help My Business ?

Using Feng Shui in your business can help you deal with any goals or concerns, identify negative influences remove them & harness positive influences, which will benefit the business & harmonize the workplace for staff and clients. Many successful businesses have embraced the power of Feng Shui eg; Donald Trump, Richard Branson, Nike & Coca Cola

Can I Sell My Property Quickly With Feng Shui ?

Feng Shui works well with Real Estate, some agents will not put a property on the market until it has had a Feng Shui consultation, as usually an offer is made shortly afterwards.  When buyers are house hunting some clients like to get guidance from a Feng Shui consultant.

Feng Shui Tips

Your home or space  is an outward reflection of what is happening on the inside

  • Leaking water like taps, waste energy & suggest that abundance is flowing out
  • Loose door handles, suggest that you may not have a firm grip on your finances
  • Blocked drains, suggest blocked emotions or finances
  • Cluttered home, suggest being stuck in your life