Testimonial 1

Having had an interest in Feng Shui and adapted certain parts of it to our lives/ business over the past few years we recently had Elke Fingleton of Lifepath Designs come look at our office and studios for her opinion and guidance. Both myself and my wife Fiona can only give Elke the highest of view more

Testimonial 2

What I have learned from Elke is amazing! I have taken her advice on board and this has made my home feel much more complete. The experience has changed my environment and I feel there is much more positive energy within. Thank you!  Karen, Carlow 2014

Testimonial 3

Bringing Feng Shui into my business has brought enormously positive changes. Work and¬† business has improved, financial flow of abundance has occurred in ways I didn’t expect but am truly delighted about. Gallery Proprietor, Carlow 2014

Testimonial 4

With Feng Shui in my home even relationships have improved; every aspect of life is touched in such a positive way. Elke’s wisdom and practical approach made the Feng Shui experience so accessible with her knowledge and intuitive approach. I highly recommend her design and Feng Shui skills to anyone who wants to change their life for the better, in fact, I wouldn’t build, buy or change anything without her advise, such is the importance I place on her service. Mary, Carlow 2014