What Is Feng Shui for Therapists ?


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Feng Shui for Therapists

 Feng Shui is a beautiful ancient art which was developed over 4000 years ago.

It shows us how streamlined clear spaces can evoke feelings of tranquility and relaxation, by balancing the energy, “chi” within a given space through the elements of nature, which ensures good fortune and health to those who are within it.

A therapy room that has good Feng Shui gives a great feeling once you walk through the door, your spirits rise & you know that once you are there, you are happy, safe and supported and at your very best, with the therapist.

Winston Churchill  – 

We create our dwellings and then our dwellings create us” – We create our homes – so create them wisely.

Once a therapist trains in their profession they are usually well equipped with all the knowledge that’s needed to give help, advice, and consultations.

However, it soon becomes a reality that the next step of setting up a business is not as straightforward as buying a treatment bed and getting a business card printed.  Therapists are usually well attuned to healing energy, and some, are working in a space that might look good but does not “feel right” to them.

People buy from people so why not make your therapy room the “one” your client talks about and recommends to other people and enhances your income ?

Importance of a Well-Designed Therapy Room

  • Incorrect design can waste time & money and can affect health and wellbeing.
  • Looks and feels warm, comfortable and supportive to both you and your clients.
  • Good furniture layout means NO STRESS
  • Positive Visual Impact
  • Clutter free, fresh paint & realigning furniture allows fresh air to circulate
  • Create new opportunities in utilising extra space

How will you benefit ?

Besides having a well-designed therapy room you will benefit by

  • Having a well-presented client area
  • Identifying exactly what the area is being used for
  • Extra income from increased amount of clients
  • Understanding the impact of colour & crystals
  • Activating Feng Shui personal direction & compass Bagua on room


Interested In Increasing Your Abundance & Wellbeing of your Therapy Business ?


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