Decluttering is the easiest way to improve our mental wellbeing, make space for new beginnings & significantly enhance the positive energy flow within our homes

What is Clutter?

Clutter is a collection of unwanted and/or unused items with no home which are scattered & disorganised, restricting movement or reducing their effectiveness


Over the past few years, more people have become interested in easier ways to make the best use of the space in their homes.  Decluttering has become popular and the minimalist way of life has become a new trend.  However, there is more to decluttering than following Marie Kondo,,,


I have always enjoyed organising and clearing stuff over the years, so, when I studied Feng Shui many years ago and realised that "No Clutter" was one of the first rules of Feng Shui I was delighted that I was already on the right path.  In order for energy to move within a given space, it must have room to circulate, and this cannot happen if it is blocked with clutter. Imagine if you could see fresh air flowing around your space, what do you see?

Reasons why people struggle to declutter

  1. Feeling overwhelmed can lead to the job being delayed to another day.
  2. Emotional connection, through grief, loss, or relationship breakups
  3. Unsure how to let go of sentimental items from inheritance & childhood

Beautiful homes are something we all love, we like our space to be comfortable & functional to our requirements.  The benefits of decluttering mean that you free up your mental and physical space into a home that serves you and encourages a happier, healthier environment, whilst also, clearing the way to utilise the area in your home for something better.


If you would like to learn any of the following :

  • Leave behind the stress of disorganisation
  • Learn how to declutter and stop clutter returning
  • Learn how to clear the clutter easily
  • Learn how to let items go emotionally and physically
  • Learn tips, methods, storage ideas & decluttering planning
  • Learn how to fall in love with your home again & utilise space efficiently
  • Leave with a plan in your hand !!