Feng Shui For Design Online –‎‎‏ Sat 24th April 2021

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Saturday 24th April 2021         

Online Class –  10:30 – 16:30

Feng Shui for Design

Feng Shui is a beautiful ancient art that was developed over 4000 years ago.

It shows us how streamlined clear spaces can evoke feelings of tranquillity and relaxation, by balancing the energy, “chi” within a given space through the elements of nature, which ensures good fortune and health to those who are within it.

A space that has a good Feng Shui design gives a great feeling once you walk through the door, your spirits rise & you know that once you are there, you are happy, safe and supported, and at your optimum level of relaxation.

Deciding to decorate a room is an exciting project for every homeowner. However, it soon becomes a reality that trying to get the balance of energy and the function of the room with furnishings, colours, and desired level of practicality is not as straightforward as choosing images on a Pinterest board.  Most people are well attuned to energy, and some, are living and working in a space that might look good but does not “feel right” to them.

Importance of a Well-Designed Room

  • Incorrect design can waste time & money, and can affect health and wellbeing.
  • Looks and feels warm, comfortable, and supportive to both you and your family.
  • Good furniture layout means NO STRESS
  • Positive Visual Impact
  • Air & positive energy circulates easier in a clutter-free room with correctly aligned furniture
  • Create new opportunities in utilising extra space

Course Outline

This one-day class will briefly outline all aspects of Feng Shui for design and show you how to apply this within your home, ensuring your space is a reflection of what you would like to project within your life.

We will be covering the following topics:-


  1. A brief history of Classical Feng Shui
  2. Personal Trigram – best personal directions
  3. Five Elements
  4. Bagua Template
  5. Furniture Alignment corrected improve sleep problems
  6. Clutter clearing – letting go of emotional & visual clutter
  7. Artwork & Mirrors
  8. Internal & External Environment Factors


  1. Identify your style & design for the area
  2. Layout room designs
  3. Blending shapes, textures, and colour  schemes
  4. Discuss wall & floor coverings, and window treatments
  5. Colour décor, lighting, accessories & furnishings
  6. How to survey your space
  7. Discuss how to create a mood board
  8. Consider environmental friendly products

Course Aims & What You Will Learn

  1. A brief history of Feng Shui
  2. Benefits of being conscious within your environment combining Feng Shui and good design
  3. How to improve health, family, love, creativity & prosperity in your life.
  4. How easy it is to have a well-presented balanced comfortable home that is calm, peaceful & energetic.

It is possible for everyone to have Feng Shui in their lives,  no matter how hectic your lifestyle is.

Investment – Class Fee: € 195

Contact: 085 8159574

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