Feng Shui Refresher Class – Online ———————— Wednesday 10th March 2021

Deposit Fee: 35.00



Wednesday 10th March 2021                19:00 – 21:00 

Class Fee: € 35.00


Why would you attend this class?

  • Go back over material covered in Feng Shui for Life and Therapists
  • Discuss how you have implemented Feng Shui in your lives since your class
  • Q & A
  • This is a great class if you are considering taking the NEW Feng Shui Part 2 class which will be available in a few months!  Details will be announced on the night
  • Great opportunity to reconnect with our Feng Shui group of like-minded people to share our experiences so far on the Feng Shui journey.
  • This class will give you a chance to identify the following
    • What you have achieved so far
    • Recognise where you may need more information to support you further
    • Give your support to other people in the group who are working on Feng Shui
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