Landscape Feng Shui –‎‎‏ Sun 10th Oct 2021

Deposit Fee: 250.00





Class 1 – In-person – Sunday 10th Oct 2021         9:30 – 16:30

Class 2 – Online – Saturday 23rd Oct 2021     14:00 – 16:00

Venue: Golden Egg Holistic, Laois – 

Feng Shui for the Land

Feng Shui is a beautiful ancient art that was developed over 4000 years ago.

It shows us how streamlined clear spaces can evoke feelings of tranquillity and relaxation, by balancing the energy, “chi” within a given space through the elements of nature, which ensures good fortune and health to those who are within it.

A garden or piece of land that has a good Feng Shui design gives a great feeling once you are there, your spirits rise & you know that you are happy, safe and supported, and at your optimum level of relaxation.  The benefits of having a garden that gives you a positive visual impact each day are huge.


Course Outline

These full one-day in-person and 1 online class will briefly outline all aspects of Feng Shui for the land – its design and show you how to apply this to your garden or land, ensuring your space is a reflection of what you would like to project within your life.

We will be covering the following topics:-

  • A brief history of Form School Feng Shui
  • Water & Mountain influences
  • Buildings placement
  • Five celestial Animals
  • Dragons Nest
  • Road Patterns
  • External Environment Factors
  • Trees, shrubs, flowers & herbs
  • Landscaping with the Bagua Template
  • How to bring the 5 elements into your garden design

Course Aims & What You Will Learn

  1. A brief history of Form School Feng Shui
  2. How applying Feng Shui to your external environment can benefit you
  3. Best way to apply the 5 elements to your garden
  4. Benefits of eco-friendly garden design & how to create it
  5. How to identify the layout, style, and design you would like to achieve
  6. Alternatives to pesticides
  7. How to design with trees, shrubs, flowers, herbs, pathways, and much more !
  8. Discuss how to create a mood board – get creative & design your space!

How will you benefit?

  • Enjoy a well-presented, comfortable, eco-friendly garden that welcomes wildlife
  • Identifying exactly what each area is being used for
  • Understanding the impact of colour in your space
  • Enjoying a garden that is calm, peaceful, energetic & magical !

It is possible for everyone to have Feng Shui in their lives,  no matter how hectic your lifestyle is.

Investment – Course Fee: € 250

** Limited spaces available **

Contact: 085 8159574


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