Real Estate

Home staging is where a property is presented to its best level of design to sell in real estate. The aim of home staging is to attract a higher level of potential buyers, making the property more attractive, which will enable the sellers to sell quicker for more money.

I have over many years experience in real estate in London and have been designing property renovations, refurbishments and home staging interior design since 2003.

You never get a chance to make a great first impression

How you present your home is how potential buyers first view their potential purchase. Make your property the type of property you would like to walk into as a potential buyer.

Some houses on the market are too personal, cluttered, and have out-of-date decor. When a potential buyer walks in they have to look through a multitude of “stuff” in order to see the actual room, and often ask the question to real estate agents, are the sellers hiding something from view?