Over the past few years Interior design & Feng Shui have been successful subjects for tutoring we have seen a trend in having homes and businesses wanting a more relaxed and productive space to work and live in.

Whether you are working from home or running a large business getting the balance right is not always that easy to achieve. The space needs to look and feel good.

Please find below the tutoring subjects we offer:

Interior Design

The Importance of Interior Design explains the benefits of good interiors and why good interior design is important. Creating a sense of wellbeing, feeling comfortable is important to everyone and we all know that it can improve our health. Interior design can also create extra opportunities in our lives by utilising space we didn’t realise we had.

Interior design tutoring shows students how to survey a room correctly, to identify what an area is being used for, what lifestyle should be considered, how to correctly measure everything that is required before research begins. Taking the correct approach to laying out a design through inspiration and sample boards is where the fun starts and finally learning how to layer the room with correct colours and textures so that it looks professional and feels great. The great aspect of this teaching is realising why it didn’t work out for them beforehand.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui for Life and Feng Shui for Therapists shows the fundamental principles of Feng Shui & how to apply them in easy to follow steps within your home & business, these courses have been very successful over the past few years, with results. Classes are CPD approved and with a special emphasis on teaching therapists how to support & transform a therapy & waiting room for clients and ensuring that their space is now a reflection of who they are.

Whether you just want to gain a foundation in the basics of Feng Shui or dig a little deeper into this amazing subject, these courses will suit everyone, to go at their own pace. Vision boards, the tricks to successful decluttering, bagua boards, intention setting goals and realising how little effort you really have to do to change your perspective on how to live and work easier are all part of the course.

These classes are perfect for all size groups who are interested in changing the design of their home or business, corporate team building days or groups & organisations that would like to learn about these subjects over a few sessions as a hobby course.

Listening, guiding, interesting content, team work and encouragement creates a trust that allows students see the bigger picture and the stepping stones of how easy it can all be.