Declutter, Talk & Tutoring

Decluttering & Organisation Packages

Advisory Consultation

Hourly rate of €135

1-hour On-Site or Online Visit

  • Walkthrough property
  • Discuss tips on how to declutter your space
  • Space organisation tools recommendations
  • Meditation to Clear the Emotional Clutter

Decluttering & Organisation Service

Minimum 3-hour service - €50 per hour (per person if required)

Includes some materials and storage organisation baskets etc,,

This service is an add-on to the advisory consultation and ideal for anyone moving house or needs to make more efficient use of their space.

  • Organising & decluttering all confirmed areas
  • Clothing - wardrobes, drawers, and bedroom units
  • Kitchen cupboards and fridges
  • Children's bedrooms & toy rooms
  • Packing and unpacking due to relocating
  • Reorganising bedrooms, toy rooms, offices, kitchens, lounge, and any other areas within the home or business
  • Energetic space clearing on completion
  • Ongoing virtual support with decluttering and space organisation undertaken by the client (on request – an additional hourly rate of €35)

FREE Online Group Talks

Talks with groups and students online about Feng Shui or other subjects for approx 20 mins with 15 mins of Q&A.


EXAMPLE - Introduction to Feng Shui

During that time I will be briefly discussing the following: -

  • Introduction to Feng Shui what it is, how it works and how it benefits us.
  • The importance of having a home with the correct layout & energy flow.
  • How clutter impacts our lives.
  • Easy tips on studying/working from home.
  • Introducing the classes I will be offering this year online and in-person with designated discounts specifically for the group.

Group Collaboration - Tutoring Classes

Classes available for your group/students, this can be designed bespoke to suit your relevant topic

Cost - €200 per class (or we can price per person - with discount)

Time – Approx. 1 - 1.5 hour – including & Q & A

EXAMPLE - Feng Shui - (Many classes & topics available)

Feng Shui for Ba gua

  •  Compass Ba gua
  •  Discussing the 8 direction areas –
  •  How they are connected to a part of your life
  •  How they are connected to parts of your body
  •  How you can activate them
  •  What element they are connected to
  •  Recognising when an area is out of balance.
  •  Applying compass reading to your home with the Ba gua

Travel costs may incur on in-person packages within a certain radius